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Great Chest Workouts: Several Tips from Noah Siegel

When it comes to a perfect male body, a big, thick chest is a must to have, so it is no wonder that everyone is looking for great chest workouts. A famous bodybuilder Noah Siegel is giving his workout tips on training chest in the following article.

  • Be Ready to Lift Big. When it comes to growing a big chest, one should be ready to work hard and lift big. It is useless to do dozens of low-weight sets because they do not stress muscle fibers enough. Heavy compound movements and extreme stress on fibers are what you need. Forget about 12 reps for a set, you should do more to stimulate the motor units properly. Do heavier sets to teach your central nervous system and make muscles contract faster and harder.
  • Do Chest Twice a Week. Heavy weights can teach muscle fibers to fire effectively, but they will not lead to hypertrophy (muscle growth) if done wrong. Train your chest twice a week. The first day of your chest split should be low-volume, but high-intensity. Even if you decide to stick to six reps, the weight should be heavy enough that you could reach failure. Do 10 sets in six reps over three different exercises. The second day should be higher-volume, but lower-intensity. Pay attention that it should not be low-intensity, but lower. Do 15 sets in the 12-30 range in four different exercises.

When it comes to great chest forms, remember that a great chest has V-shaped muscles right by the clavicle. If a guy wants to train chest, he does not want to grow droopy-looking pecs, too ugly and weak. To grow and train your chest right, follow the next workout routines.

  1. Incline Bench Press. This exercise is perfect for building upper chest. Don’t cheat while doing this exercise: don’t lower the angle, use strict form, do contract the chest, not hands or shoulders.
  2. Barbell Neck Press. It is preferred to do this exercise on the Smith machine for better safety. Just set the bar so that it could come down below your Adam’s apple, then put light weight and do slow movements up and down. Don’t rotate the shoulders and make sure that you are not in pain. The exercise is perfect for stretching the upper chest. Don’t forget to focus on squeezing the chest.
  3. Modified Inclined Dumbbell Flye. Use a 45-degree incline bench for this exercise. Make sure that your hands are supinated at hip level; take a light dumbbell for the beginning. Then try to arch your back, keeping the chest high. Start the motion as if you were hugging somebody with dumbbells. The contraction in the upper part of the chest and in the front deltoid is a must. Focus on each contraction and add more weight. You can use normal incline flyes for an added burn.

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